DMS can help you target any major or micro market in the United States with custom-designed, targeted door hanger design, delivery and distribution. In 2012, we provided door hanger delivery in 46 different states and in over 500 cities and towns with outstanding results.

More Than a Door Hanger Delivery Service

At DMS we don’t just deliver your door hangers for you. We help you every step of the way from identifying your target market, designing and printing your door hanger and delivering it to you or performing door to door distribution on your behalf.

Our unique approach allows you to work with one company for your door to door advertising needs from start to finish. Whether this is your first time exploring door to door flyer distribution or you’ve been using this method of advertising for years, DMS can help you create the right campaign to meet your needs, increase your exposure and provide optimum ROI.

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Get Started In 4 Easy Steps

We make it easy for you to get your door hanger advertising campaign started with 4 simple steps:

  1. Submit your information on our contact form.
  2. Learn more about our door to door advertising process in a short email.
  3. Answer 7 quick questions in our email.
  4. Receive an estimate.

Your Choice Of 5 Different Delivery Systems

We offer 5 different methods of delivery, each one designed to help you target your best marketing prospects. Every one campaigns is customized based on the client’s needs, goals, and desired outcome. You control the level of sophistication, making it as simple or complex as you want.


Target Your Demographics For Best Results

Our Targeted Demographic Selections give you more control over who receives your door hanger. This allows you to target only the best prospects, saving you time and money over advertising in a broad swath without regard for the quality of the prospects.


Track Delivery Progress Using Live GPS

You will always know the state of delivery progress using our GPS-enabled tracking software. You’ll receive email alerts during the delivery process, identifying the crew location and progress. View your delivery team live or pull up history reports all in our tracking software system.